Super Junior's very own dancing machine, Lee Hyukjae.
R/S: currently dating my stalker.

-shyly pops in, along with a box of sweets handing it to you; admin lulu here to just check up on you. wow -points to your face, smiling softly; you’re a pretty good looking person if no one hasn’t told you. inside and out you are a beautiful person and don’t let anyone bring you down. I hope that you know, whether we’re close or not I’ll always be there for you and I’ll try my hardest to be the best friend to provide you with plenty of cuddles, food and love when you need it. Eeep ;w; I hope you don’t find this weird, keke. A smile a day keeps the sadness away so please smile, it’s beautiful on you.

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To any of my followers that may be effected by Hurricane Sandy, I hope for the safety of you, your family, your friends, and belongings.

never trust anyone who can bite an ice cream without flinching that shit’s not natural

I’m still alive.

Just busy with a lot of things at the moment. *puts a reminder to come on tumblr more often*